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Twigo is the simplest and cheapest way to call all your friends and family. With the Twigo mobile application, you can call for free* other Twigo users, and call for very cheap any landline or mobile number in the world. You can simply check the price of the country you are calling. Twigo uses all your phone contacts automatically. Twigo is available over WiFi or 3G
Twigo is currently available on iPhone and Android devices; support for other platforms is coming soon. You can download Twigo for IPhone from <a href=""> here</a>, and for Android from <a href=""> here</a>
Our sound quality is superior to regular call. Once you and your friends download Twigo, you can use it to talk as much as you want for free!* However your call quality depends entirely on your internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G). If you experience a bad call quality or cannot make a call using Twigo please check below.
Most often, the issue will come from your data connection. Make sure you have a good connection with a strong data signal. Avoid covered areas such as tunnels and undergrounds where you might not have an optimal reception for cellular data. If you are using a wi-fi connection for data, make sure the area is well covered with a strong signal. Yes, you can also call any number that doesn't have Twigo at low rates using Twigo Credits.
No. You should not be using Twigo to make emergency calls. Twigo should not replace your normal phone line.
You need to go to the ‘Buy Credit’ in the 'settings' tab. It is a secure connection, where you could simply choose the amount of credit you need to buy and purchase it with a credit, debit or internet card. You can also login securely on this website using your phone number and the code you received when you activated you app and buy credits.
Once you install Twigo, you go to the people tab and you scroll through your contacts, and anyone that has the green Twigo logo near his name has already installed Twigo and can be reached for free. Furthermore, you can select “Twigo only” from the top menu; this will show you only your contacts that already have Twigo.
Calling someone who does not have Twigo is not free, but it is extremely cheap, after you purchase credits using your Credit Card from settings tab in the Twigo app, from, or from any of our resellers, you can start making call to anyone. Either select the number from your existing contacts, or dial it directly form the dial pad, either way you will see the cost per minute next to each number or while typing the number in the dial pad.
Unlike other applications, your credit with Twigo can be used indefinitely; furthermore, you can transfer your credits to a new account in case you decide to change your number.
All of Twigo free calls are encrypted, this means no one can listen to your calls, not even us, as the call uses a breakthrough technology called “peer to peer” which means that the call between two Twigo apps finds the shortest way possible to make a connection through the internet and uses it. This will provide you with two benefits, first that you will have the best available quality and that no one can “listen” to your call.
From within your Twigo app you go to 'balance history' in the 'settings' tab, where you can see you balance & paid call history for the last 7,30,60 & 90 days. You can also login to the Twigo website and login using your username (your phone number in international format) and your password (your Twigo activation code sent to you by SMS when you activated the app) and see in details whom you called, the duration of the call and the cost of each call, you can also opt to see the calls from a certain period of time only.
Apart from the cost of you internet connection there are no additional charges when using Twigo. Unlike other applications we do not charge a “connection fee” or a “surcharge”.
You can send an SMS using two methods, either select “send SMS” form the top right menu, or select the SMS button from within your existing contact.

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