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Thanks to Technological Advances, the World has become a small place and is now referred to as a global village. However, the distances remain the same and communication challenges still arise in one form or the other. Global travel in pursuit of different goals is on the increase. The need to remain connected with friends and family regardless of where one is stationed has become even more acute.

Today, many families do not stay together. Children leave home in pursuit of education in distant lands. Some even opt to work overseas once they have finished their studies. Parents are not different either. The search for livelihood may necessitate travelling and probably living in a foreign land away from one’s family for long periods. Social ties are also very important to maintain. It is only constant and effective communication which can make these people feel as if they are still staying together under a common roof.

School, leisure and work schedules bring one into contact with various people who become a crucial part of a person’s social network. To maintain these friends, one requires a trusted communication system which traverses both localities in which the communicating parties are found. Professional colleagues and contacts are also very crucial aspects of one’s social life. It is therefore important to have a reliable means of communicating with them.

One of the best ways of achieving this goal is to make free international calls from mobile phones. Obviously, airtime is costly. Local communication costs a lot. International calls are even dearer. Twigo can effectively bridge this gap through free international calls from mobile .

Such calls from mobile are only a step away if you will embrace internet telephony. While there are a number of products which provide this type of service, none comes close to Twigo in terms of quality service delivery and affordability. Your friends and family can be as good as next to you if you will subscribe to Twigo today. Make a difference in your communication with friends and relatives today by subscribing to Twigo.

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