About Twigo?

Free & Cheaper International Calls, Better Voice Quality and Very Easy!

What is Twigo?

Twigo is the simplest and cheapest way to call all your friends and family. With Twigo, you can call for free other Twigo users and call for very cheap any number in the world. You can simply check the price of the country you are calling. Twigo uses all your phone contacts automatically. Twigo is easy to recharge. It's that simple! Twigo works on iOS and Android devices. Check out features below!

Absolutely Free Features

Free Twigo Account

Create a Twigo account in minutes, for free.

Free Calls

Call anytime all over the world for free when calling a Twigo user.

Features with Very Low Rates

CHEAP International Calls

Twigo offers you lower rates and great voice quality on all international mobile and landline calls.

CHEAP Text Messages

Send cheaper text messages to non-Twigo users.

What you need to start using Twigo:

Mobile Phone

Download our app on your iPhone or Android.

Internet Connection

We recommend WiFi or data mobile plans for better voice quality.

Free Twigo Account

Create a Twigo account to get started!


Let's Twigo! Connect me to everyone.

You can call anywhere in the world for the lowest rates. Purchase credit here to be able to call Mobiles and Landlines.